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The story so far…..

The Brexit deals have broken down between the UK and the EU, MPs are arguing and squabbling like children, the country has had enough, the people have had enough, and the Queen has had enough.


Stepping in, her royal highness Elizabeth II has passed royal degree and set up a crack team tasked with negating Britain’s exit from the EU.


Locked inside the Queens secure conference room, you have 30 minutes to escape Europe and save as much of the UK treasury as possible.


With 30 minutes, can you do better than the government? Can you get Britain out of Europe? How much of the treasury will you save?

immersive events brexit

Participants will:

  • Meet the Queens envoy

  • Be escorted to the secure conference room

  • Have to do better than our elected MPs and get Britain out of Europe

  • Save as much of the UK treasury as possible.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your start time

  • Have a brilliant time being IMMERSED into this one of a kind event, where you get to save the country by escaping Europe with as much money as possible


Our locations:

Br-Exit operates at,

  • Shrewsbury Prison, Shropshire, SY1 2HR