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"Combo Ticket"

Prison Break


A Night Behind Bars

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Immersive Events will be running Prison Break on May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th and September 8th. This is your chance to take part in the World’s largest Escape game, set in a real prison which covers 4 acres.


In addition, following each Prison Break event there will be ‘Porridge at HMP Shrewsbury’ - 'The Ultimate Sleepover' event, where guests can stay overnight in a prison cell. Referred to as the only way to spend a night in prison - without the sentence.


To make a full day stay possible a Combo ticket has been released for the all-inclusive price of £80 (a saving of over 10%), which includes,


  • Prison Break Event 

  • A Night Behind Bars - 'The Ultimate Sleepover' Event 


You can select the dates you wish to attend each event.

Prison Break Event

This experience will challenge inmates to escape their cell, dodge the guards to get off their landing, befriend the cons to get out of the wing, navigate out of the building and escape the prison site. But it doesn’t end there, you still have to reach the rendezvous point and meet your contact, all with the retrieval team hot on your heels.


The first person/team to manage this will win a £150 cash prize.

The experience last for three hours, tickets are priced at £45 each and are available to purchase here.

A Night Behind Bars

Described as the ‘Ultimate Sleepover’, A Night Behind Bars is a 12 hour overnight stay in a prison, without the sentence!


Just grab a cell, take some time to get comfortable and settled (don't forget your sleeping bags). The bar will be open for purchasing hot food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks and you can go on a guided tour in the dark!

After the tour head out into the prison & wander the wings alone (you may want to grab someone's hand for this!), buddy up with fellow prisoners for cell games, play hide and seek with your friends or try to get some actual sleep - which will you do?

There will be FREE tea & coffee during the event and breakfast (Porridge of course!) will be available to purchase from 6am.

Tickets are £45 each and are available to purchase here.



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