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Easter has never looked so exciting!

Easter has never looked so exciting!

The Workshop, Somerset - Home of Immersive Entertainment

Easter has never looked
so cute! Right?


One amazing
Three incredible attractions.

We've got the very best Easter entertainment lined up for you and all your friends and family. Take centre stage as you're the main characters for this exciting line up of immersive experiences!


The night will take you through the old prison workshop building (not normally open to the public) as you take part in three completely unique attractions found nowhere else in the country.

'Zombie Town'
A zombie spin on your traditional easter egg hunt!

'Turf Wars'

An escape game that'll have you solving puzzles at the "Easter Bunny's" expense!

'Locked in a Box'

You'll be tasked with smuggling cursed treasure in this pirate theme immersive adventure!

We wouldn't ask you survive the night without a drink or two. So why not head to our 'Bite Bar'! Here you'll have a chance to not only grab your breath back but relax with a locally brewed beer or one of our speciality cocktails we like to call "The Blood Bag".

With no queue lines, small groups to ensure maximum interaction and packages to suit all individuals, it'll be an Easter you won't ever want to forget!

Hit the button below and head over to our bookings page for more information on what's in store.

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