"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"





Described as the only way to spend a night in a prison, without the sentence!  Porridge is a 12 hour ‘ultimate sleepover’ with a twist from the BBC’s hit comedy TV show, in the UK's most Haunted prison! Are you a Stanley Fletcher or a Mr Mackay? Well thanks to the awesome team at ‘Immersive Events’ now’s your chance to find out!Just grab a cell and take some time to get comfortable and settled in - remember your airbeds or roll mats, the prison only has hard floors or metal bed frames.

From the moment you enter Prison, you’ll be fully immersed into a REAL prison setting. We’re not talking about a movie or television set; we’re talking about a real jail with cells, officers and fellow prisoners! – That’s why ‘PORRIDGE’ has to be the world’s ULTIMATE sleepover!

The Lowdown

  • Upon arrival you will be given a brief rundown about the event.

  • Choose your own cell for the night

  • Hot food available to purchase

  • Guided tour of the prison

  • Alcoholic drinks available to purchase from the bar

  • FREE tea & coffee during the event

  • Free time to wander the prison

  • Breakfast available to purchase from 6am


Sounds Fun?

Of course, it does! During your stay, you’ll be able to ask our REAL Prison Officers lots of questions. No doubt you’ll also make new friends. Why not buddy up with fellow prisons and play cell games, or perhaps grab someone’s hand to explore the prison site!

Is This for Real?

Absolutely! 100%, We are the ONLY events company worldwide offering this authentic experience.

So, what are you waiting for?  Book Now!

You cannot bring your own alcohol to this event, however there is a bar open during the evening with a range of beverages and refreshments available.

The next event is taking place on April 7th, May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, September 8th.  It lasts roughly 12 hours, and costs £45pp. Tickets are available now.

We also have "Combo Tickets" available, these include a Prison Escape ticket PLUS Porridge ticket. To book "Combo Tickets" to attend both events click here, both events are running on May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th and September 8th.