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A Day in the Life of a Prisoner

Have you ever wanted to experience a day in a prison, without doing the crime to get you there? Perhaps it’s a sense of curiosity, to see what it’s really like; perhaps someone you know has been to prison, and you want to experience that sense of isolation they’ve spoken about?


Whatever your reason, Immersive events and Jailhouse Tours are joining forces to bring to you a taster of what everyday life is like in a prison at HMP Shrewsbury.


You can choose from two types of tickets: Education tickets, or Work Detail tickets.


Prisoners at HMP Shrewsbury would have been expected to take part in one of these two routines. As such, you will get the choice of entering ‘Education’, and working through cognitive skill assessments and offending behaviour programmes. Or you can go to the ‘Work Detail’, and work on the sorts of jobs prisoners would have done every day to earn their money for canteen.


As you enter, you’ll experience the emotions and distress of having your items taken from you and stored in the reception, be given a prisoner number, an overall, then proceed through to cell allocation; who will you be sharing with? You will spend time locked in your cell, have exercise, work or education sessions and free association, you will also receive one meal.


At the end of the day, once we’ve reinstated you as a functioning member of society, you’ll have opportunities to meet with the staff, take photos and discuss how you felt the day went for you!


This event took place in 2016, we will release any more dates in the future. If you would be interested in this event or aspects of this event for a private booking please email us at info@imevents.global