"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"

Lockdown II - Sanatorium

Within the darkness, there is a broadcast from a secret organisation in this wasteland that England has now become in the months following the zombie outbreak. Its faint, but every now and then, you can hear it when you travel from base to base, never quite safe. It filters through on the radio, you pick it out, word by word from the constant static.

“Get to Sanatorium. The Truth is there. Madness reigns. Get to Sanatorium.”

What could it mean? The Truth is there? Where is this place?

A Cure. Surely that is what The Truth is! Or could it mean The Source? It’s impossible to know, but what other choice do you have? You are alone, and you need to follow every lead! Take the gamble, and enter Madness; enter Sanatorium.

Basic idea is that those “Survivors” there are now ALL insane. Their time surviving alone has twisted them, as has the infection that they can’t possibly have avoided this long when they are by themselves, and so the riddles and puzzles within may not necessarily bring success;

in fact, you may need to go back to those same individuals a few times to grasp everything they have to offer; perhaps sending different individuals may prove beneficial! Lots of puzzles, all as crazy as the next, and at the end, they WILL find a formula for The Cure (though who is to say it isn’t a dud!) – this could lead onto a last Lockdown.

Lockdown II took place in October 2016. Our full 2017 Halloween plans will be released soon.