"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"


Fully Immersive Scary Fun

Reviewed 31 October 2015

From the first moment you walk in the anticipation builds from the spooky red lighting on the jail entrance. We didn't really know what to expect but having survived the the prisons lockdown we came away feeling really impressed and happy. The team are great with loads of interactive moments throughout the course itself...read the full review on the reviews page.

Lockdown was Immersive Events very first Scare Event. It is a fast paced, heart stopping, jump filled scare event, do you have what it takes to survive?


It’s a chilly night in October approaching Halloween. Family and friends of the Dana’s inmates have arrived for their weekly visits. Upon entering the prison everything appears fine, with the usual officers on the gate to check ID and conduct searches. Then suddenly the sirens begin to sound, voices are raised and prison officers jump to high alert. There is confusion and disorganisation when finally the call comes through from the Governor, the call no prison officer and certainly no visitor ever wants to hear LOCKDOWN.


Immediately the prison entrance automatically locks, officers are fast to work inside trying to get prisoners back to their cells, but the prisoners are having none of it. Acting like wild animals they set the place on fire, upturn furniture, break lights, destroy cameras, attack officers and each other. But unlike the riots of the past this one is different, inmates seem to be more aggressive than normal and acting without purpose attacking anything in front of them.


Officers are reporting that prisoners are clawing, scratching and biting not only them but also each other. Healthcare is overrun with people requiring treatment for their injuries and the doctor is nowhere to be seen.


A-wing is in shambles and the officers are struggling to regain control. C-wing has successfully been locked down, but there are still prisoners loose throughout the kitchens, exercise yards, chapel and in visits.


The Governor is losing control of the site and concerned for the safety of the 16 visitors who have just arrived he breaks protocol and orders the immediate evacuation of these visitors. The Senior officer who holds the only key to unlock the front gate was on patrol when the LOCKDOWN was called and cannot be reached on the radio, his last location was near visits, where a large group of prisoners were waiting for weekly visits to begin.


The only way out is through the main gates, leaving the staff and visitors no option but to search the prison for the Senior officer and the key to escape the Dana LOCKDOWN.


LOCKDOWN is the UKs first ever prison based Zombie chase event. Set in HMP Shrewsbury (the Dana), a 4.5-acre site, which until recently was a fully populated and functioning HM Prison.


Zombie runs take 1 hour to complete, excluding time for entry and decontamination. Guests will need to arrive 15 minutes before the run is due to start to undertake a health and safety briefing. Gates are closed 10 minutes prior to each run starting, so don’t be late.


Minimum participation age is 16 years – ID maybe required on the night. The site is strictly no smoking and no alcohol, anybody suspected of drinking prior to the event will be refused entry.


This event is not suitable for anybody who is affected by strobe lighting, poor health, heart conditions or unable to climb stairs and cover 1 mile at a brisk pace.


All participants entering the event agree to terms & conditions set by Jailhouse Tours regardless of whether they book the tickets or not.


If one person is booking multiple tickets it is the responsibility of that person to ensure each member of the group has been notified of the terms and conditions.


Lockdown ran successfully at Holloween 2015 and is due to be resurrected later in 2016. Follow us on facebook to keep up-to-date with our latest event information.