"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"

Prison Experience

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in prison? How does it feel to walk through the gates and be locked in a cell for hours on end?


At The Dana we run prison experience events, the only place in the UK and possibly the World where you can take part in an event like this. Prison life is hard and cruel and only the toughest will survive a day in the Dana.

As a guest of her majesty you will experience the life of a prisoner and learn what happens once you’re convicted. Upon arrival you will go through the prison induction process; all personal belongings including phones, jewellery,

money and other personal items will be taken and stored by the reception officer. All prisoners have a mandatory search for contraban before being issued prison clothing, having their picture taken and being placed into the holding cells prior to entering the wing.


Once processed, ‘prisoners’ will fold into everyday prison life, with meals served in cells, recreation time, work time and mandatory participation in rehabilitation programmes. ‘Prisoners’ will be locked down at at the end of the day and spend a few hours in their cells, watched over by the on-duty officers and the ghosts that roam the wings. Those serving an indeterminate sentence make will be called in front of the parole board.


The parole board have the authority to release you or extend your sentence depending on your behaviour whilst behind bars. If you behave during your stay and listen to the officers you may just be lucky enough to get released (on probation), if not then back to the cells you will go to serve out the remainder of your sentence.


The Prison Experience is running on the 2nd of May, tickets are £65.  You must be 18+ years to take part in this event. Event updates coming soon, follow us on facebook to keep up-to-date with our latest news.