This is a strictly 18+ event. It is immersive theatre where the audience are part of the production – the more you put in, the more you get out. Twisted Fairy Tales uses strobe lighting, explicit language and adult situations. 

Our twisted fairy tales could leave you all in tears,

bring out your weirdest nightmares and all your childhood fears.

Goldilocks alas is dead mauled badly by three bears,

Mad Hatters handing out free drugs but no one really cares.

There’s Hansel and there’s Gretel, both mad as a box of frogs.

They wrecked the Gingerbread style house, it’s now a pile of logs.

Red riding hood is on the game, she has sunk that far,

and worse than that she has two pimps the wolf and her grandma.

Snow white is on with Jeremy Kyle, her reputation shifted,

once so  pure  and clean  and  good  now  sadly snow white has drifted.

So, broken mirrors, poisoned fruit in here you have it all.

Come find your twisted Fairy Tale within the Dana walls.