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FAQs - A Day in the Life of a Prisoner

  • When are tickets available?

    • Not currently available.

  • How much are tickets?

    • No tickets currently available.

  • How do I purchase tickets?

    • This event is not currently scheduled, for more information contact info@imevents.global.

    • Phone enquiries can be made on 01743 343100. 

  • How many tickets are available?

    • There are no tickets currently available.

  • What is the difference between the two tickets?

    • Education and Work Detail tickets are two types of tickets we will be running on this event day.

    • Education tickets will mean the participants take part in some of the types of education activities prisoners would have had to do on a regular basis when here at HMP Shrewsbury.

    • The Work Detail tickets cover the sort of unskilled, repetitive work prisoners would have done in order to earn their canteen money.

  • What happens if you sell out?

    • If we sell out, we will look to add more dates later in the year, if this event is as huge a success as we expect it to be!

  • Is there food?

    • One meal (lunch) will be provided during this event. Make sure you eat breakfast before you arrive.

    • There will be hot drinks available on each landing during free association; tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

  • Is there a group discount?

    • We don’t offer group discounts for this event, however, you can contact our Admin Team on info@imevents.global to arrange a private booking!

  • Is there a minimum age?

    • Yes, and it is 14 with a responsible full paying adult. 

  • What time do I need to arrive?

    • We always advise people to arrive a minimum of 15mins early, but preferably 30mins.

  • What time does the event start?

    • The event starts at 11:00am.

  • How long is the event?

    • The event will be roughly 6hrs long.

  • Can I leave part way through?

    • Yes, of course! If for whatever reason you need to leave, you can either say the Safe Word, which is ‘OXO’, or inform the landing officers of any emergencies that you have outside of the prison. The officers will sign you out, and release you from your stay.

  • Can I smoke during the event?

    • Whilst you are in your prison overalls, you will not be permitted to smoke. It is contraband, afterall!

  • Can I be in the cell with my friends/partner?

    • You will be able to SUGGEST your same sex friends share a cell with you, but ultimately, we will decide on your cell mate! Just be aware, it is unlikely!

  • Will I be in a cell with a stranger?

    • This is a very strong possibility! To get a true feeling of being in prison, you may well find yourself in a cell with someone you don’t know. You’d best get to know them pretty quickly, and try and make friends! (Anybody taking part in the event who is under the age of 18 will be placed in a cell with their responsible adult)

  • Can we use the toilets and sinks in the cells?

    • You cannot use the toilets and sinks in your own cell, however, there are designated ‘Rest Room Cells’ on each landing, which can be used. You will need to ask your Landing Officer if you are permitted to use them.

  • Are the prison officers real?

    • Some of our ex-prison officers will be patrolling the landings, but some of the ‘officers’ will be actors and staff from both Immersive Events and Jailhouse Tours. They are there to keep you all safe, and to make sure there are plenty of individuals available should you need help for whatever reason.

  • Will I be strip searched?

    • No, but you will be searched to a degree. On your arrival we will also be taking anything you carry in from you, including phones, tobacco, lighters, wallets, money, jewellery, watches, and keeping them safe in Reception, these will all be given back as you leave.

  • Can I keep my mobile with me?

    • No, not during the event. However, you will be given it back at the end of the day, and will be able to use it during the meet and greet after the event! #Cellfies are always loved, especially when you check-in at HMP Shrewsbury.

  • Can I take photos?

    • Not during the event, but once your mobile or cameras are given back at the end of the day, you will be able to take as many as you like in the meet and greet, and you’ll be given an opportunity to go back and get a snap of your cell for the day! #Cellfies and general photos of the wing are always welcome, and we’d love to see them when you check-in at HMP Shrewsbury.

  • Do I have to wear the prison uniforms?

    • Yes! Throughout the event, you will have to make sure your prison overalls are on! You can keep your own clothes on underneath, once you’ve emptied your pockets, but once in the prison, you are a number!

  • I’m in a wheelchair/mobility limited. Can I still take part?

    • We are afraid you won’t be able to take part in the event. The site is not DDA compliant and all of the cells being used are on 2s, 3s, and 4s, as well as the Workshops being up on the first storey. We don’t have a working stair lift or disabled lift on the site.

  • Is the event safe?

    • Yes, we have a large number of staff on site all fully trained in health & safety of both the event and site.

  • How long will I be in the cell?

    • You will be in the cell for approximately 2-4hrs, depending on the behaviour of your fellow prisoners! Your meal will also be served in the cell, and you’ll be locked in during the time it takes for everyone to finish their meal. Free association will be allowed after the evening meal.

  • Will I be locked in the cell?

    • Yes. There will be times when you will be locked in your cell. If you need to get the attention of the staff at any time, use the Attention Button, but this is not to be played with! The Prison Officers may not take you seriously next time you press it!

  • Will there be future dates for this event?

    • If the first event sells quickly and more people want tickets, we will add more events later in the year.

  • What if I say the safe word as a joke?

    • The Safe Word is for emergencies only, and all of our staff have been trained that the use of the Safe Word means that person needs to, or wants to, leave. They will not accept ‘I did it as a joke’ as an excuse, and you will be removed from the event.

  • What if I feel sick during the event?

    • If at any stage you feel sick during the event, please inform a member of staff, and we will help you. If you just need some time outside, that is fine, if you think it will mean you can continue the event. If, however, you feel you must leave, simply let us know, or use the Safe Word, and we will get you packed up and allow you out of the site.

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