"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"

FAQs - Lockdown II Sanatorium

1. When are tickets available?

  • Lockdown II took place in October 2016. Our full 2017 Halloween plans will be released soon, follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our latest event updates..


2. How much are tickets?

  • Ticket prices for Halloween 2017 will be released soon.


3. Are there discounts for group bookings?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer group discounts at this time. However, if you contact us on info@imevents.global, we may be able to arrange an exclusive run for you and your friends if you can get the right numbers!


4. How do I purchase tickets?

  • Tickets can be bought online from www.imevents.global. You can also phone through to the admin staff at the prison, and book over the phone on 01743 343100.


5. How many tickets are available?

  • There will be 30 tickets available for each of the runs happening on this event!


6. What happens if you sell out?

  • If this event sells out, we will look at potentially adding some more dates later in the year. We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment!


7. Is there a minimum age?

  • Yes, the minimum age is 16, with anyone below the age of 18 being accompanied by an adult. We have reduced the age of this event, previously it was an 18+ due to the nature of the event, but if the family are aware of what is involved in this event, and the individual has a responsible adult with them at all times, then we are happy for them to participate.


8. What time do I need to arrive?

  • You must be here at least 15minutes before the start time you choose when you book. Doors will close 10minutes before the start time, to give guests the Health and Safety brief, and then start without delay.


9. How long is the event?

  • You will be here for around 1hr 30min, maybe longer depending on entrance to the Scare Maze at the end of this event.


10. Will zombies touch me in this event?

  • Of course! It’s the apocalypse! They will be grabbing at you, trying to draw you close enough for teeth to break skin! Best advice is to just keep running!


11. That zombie touched me, can I touch them/push them back?

  • We understand reactions can happen, and you'll want to escape the zombie that is grabbing at you, but we ask you remember they are actors, and they feel pain! Please do not punch, kick, body-slam, trample or full out attack our actors! Pushing hands away, pushing past a zombie, and keeping them at arms' length is fine, but PLEASE do not do anything that could hurt our actors. Anyone caught doing so purposefully will be removed from the event, and have potential charges brought against them in serious cases.


12. Can I leave partway through?

  • Yes, and there is a protocol just for this; the SAFE WORD. If for whatever reason you need to leave, whether that be the event is too horrific for you, or you need to get out for emergency reasons, you can say the safe word 'OXO', and the actors will come out of character, find out what you need and either get you escorted safely out, or calm you down to a point where you can be escorted out. The Officers manning the gate will sign you out, and release you from the prison.


13. I said the Safe Word, why am I being escorted out?

  • The Safe Word is for emergencies only. Anyone using it in jest will be escorted from the premises whether they meant it or not. There is no returning to the event after saying the Safe Word.

14. Can I smoke during the event?

  • No, you will not be able to smoke during this event.


15. Will I be separated from my friends?

  • There is a chance that the zombie hoard my take you into their grasp and you may be separated from your loved ones but not for long. Our Officers are trained for this, and will retrieve you soon enough, returning you to the group! Try not to get separated! Who knows what will happen to you if you do.


16. Are there toilets on site I can use?

  • There are toilets that can be used at the beginning of the event, located in the Gatehouse as you walk in. If you need to go to the toilet during the event, speak to the Officer taking you through, but it is a zombie apocalypse, it may not be possible to get you to a toilet straight away (also, though we have many toilets here on site, most of them do not work!).


17. Are the Officers real?

  • Some of our ex-prison Officers will be guiding you through the event, some will be on the Gate to ensure there is a level head in emergencies, but many of the officers you'll meet through the event will actually be actors and staff from both Immersive Events and our sister company, Jailhouse Tours. They are there to keep you safe, and to give you an added dimension of interaction throughout the event.


18. Will I be searched?

  • On entrance, you may be asked to show the contents of any bags or pockets to check you are not carrying anything that could harm our actors. Any items deemed as potentially harmful will be taken then returned to you as you leave.


19. Can I keep my mobile with me?

  • You can, but we ask you not to take photos or film the event as you go through. Anyone caught doing so may lose the privilege of their phone during the event, as it has the potential to ruin storylines for those following you. There will be a photo opportunity at the end of the event, so please keep phones in pockets until that point; also be aware our zombies WILL touch you, and your phone could be damaged in the chaos of the apocalypse!


20. Can I wear a prison uniform?

  • You can wear fancy dress, and in fact we encourage you to do so! However, if you are in bright orange like our zombies don't be surprised if you find yourself missed by the zombies…or…separated from the group (you’ll be much harder for our Officers to spot)! The zombies head for those that don't look like them, so if you want to get a really good experience, why not come in an unmistakable outfit! They'll certainly come for you then!!


21. I'm in a wheelchair/mobility limited/pregnant. Can I still take part?

  • We would suggest not. Our site is not DDA Compliant, due to its very nature, and the event itself is high paced and hazardous. With potentially one hundred and twenty wandering the site people at any given time at a very fast pace, as well as a lot of stairs! We do not want any accidents to happen, so if you are at all concerned about your physical health, then do not attend this event.


22. Will I be locked in a cell at any point?

  • There is always that possibility! Best stay on the good side of your escorting officer.


23. You mention a Scare Maze is included in the cost of my ticket. What does that mean?

  • To help conclude the story of LOCKDOWN, we are giving you access to our new Scare Maze, LOCKDOWN: ORIGIN, that explains in full how the infection began. You'll go through this Maze before you leave the event.


24. Will there be future dates for this event?

  • This is our first run through of this event, if there is huge demand, we may rerun it again.


25. Do I have to sign a disclaimer?

  • You will have you sign a disclaimer in order to take part in the event. Anyone under 18 years old will need their responsible adult to sign theirs.