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FAQs - Prison Experience

  1. When are tickets available?

    • Tickets will go on sale on Sunday 13th March at 10am.

  2. How much are tickets?

    • Tickets are priced at £65 each.

  3. How do I purchase tickets?

  4. How many tickets are available?

    • There are 120 tickets available.

  5. What happens if you sell out?

    • If the event sells out we will look at adding extra days throughout the year.

  6. Is there food?

    • Yes, there will be lunch and dinner eaten in your cell.

  7. Is there a group discount?

    • We don’t offer group discounts for this event date, please contact the admin team for private events info@imevents.global

  8. Is there a minimum age?

    • Yes, you must be 18 years of age to take part in the prison experience event.

  9. Where is the event?

    • The prison experience will be held at The Dana Prison, The Dana, Shrewsbury, SY1 2HP.

  10. Can I choose my arrival time?

    • Yes, we have four arrival times on offer. 7:00am, 7:30am, 8:00am, 8:30am – there are 30 tickets available for each arrival time.

  11. What time does the event start?

    • The first group will start at 7:00am, the next at 7:30am, then 8:00am with the last group starting at 8:30am.

  12. How long is the event?

    • The event is at least 12 hours long but may run slightly later.

  13. Can I leave partway through?

    • You may leave at any point during the event by using the safe word, but once removed you wont be able to re-enter the prison.

  14. Can I smoke during the event?

    • No, the Dana prison is a no smoking site. Tobacco is regarded as contraband and will be confiscated.

  15. Are the prison officers real?

    • There are a number of ex prison officers who help run the event to ensure it is as real to a prison experience as possible. We also have an ex-governor and support staff, so stay out of trouble or you will be in front of the governor!!!

  16. Will I be strip searched?

    • No, everybody will be passed through a metal detector before entering the prison and personal belongings will be handed in.

  17. Can I keep my mobile with me?

    • No, your phone will be handed over along with other personal property, jewellery and money during prisoner induction. You will get all of your belongings back upon release.

  18. Can I take photos?

    • No, phones and cameras will be handed in during prisoner induction.

  19. What happens if I try to smuggle in contraband?

    • Anybody caught trying to smuggle in contraband will be ejected from the event and and will not be entitled to any refund.

  20. Do I have to wear prison uniform?

    • Yes, every prisoner will be issued with a prison overall that can be worn over your clothes.

  21. Can I wear fancy dress?

    • You can, but it will be hidden throughout the day under your overall.

  22. Can I change clothes during the day?

    • No, overalls must be worn at all times during the event, without exception.

  23. Who will I be in a cell with?

    • You will be allocated a cell mate on the day, Cells will be male or female NOT unisex. Wings will be mixed.

  24. I’m in a wheelchair can I still take part?

    • I’m afraid you wont be able to take part in the event. The site is not DDA compliant and all of the cells being used are on the 2s, 3s, and 4s we don’t have a working stair lift or disabled lift on the site.

  25. Is the event safe?

    • Yes, we have a large number of staff on site all fully trained in the health & safety of both the event and site.

  26. How long will I be in a cell?

    • Depending on your arrival time option, you will spend at least 2.5 hours locked in your cell throughout the day.

  27. Will I be locked in a cell?

    • Yes, all the cells we use have working locks.

  28. Can I go in a cell with my friend?

    • It's unlikely you will be put into a cell with a friend, but you may request change of cell to your landing officer.

  29. Will there be more event dates later in the year?

    • If the first event sells quickly and more people want tickets we will add more events later in the year.

  30. What if I say the safe word as a joke?

    • The safe word is there for emergencies only, if you use it at any point during the event our staff will take it seriously and remove you to ensure everything is ok. It's like saying Bomb on a plane (don’t joke about it).

  31. What items are banned?

    • There are a number of banned/contraband items:

      1. Cigarettes/tobacco

      2. Alcohol

      3. Dangerous weapons

      4. Drugs

      5. Lighters/matches

      6. Money

      7. Mobile phones

      8. Jewellery (except wedding rings)

      9. Watches worth more than £30

      10. Valuables (cameras, iPad, tablets, laptops, etc.)

  32. What if I feel sick during the event?

    • Let a member of staff know, they will be able to assist you.

  33. Do I have to sign a disclaimer?

    • Yes, all participants must sign a disclaimer before taking part in the event.

  34. Do I stay overnight?

    • No, we don’t run 24-hour experience events at the Dana.

  35. Are there toilets?

    • Yes, there are toilets in the site, however none of the toilets in the cells work so cannot be used. You need to ask a prison officer if you need the toilet (they may let you go).