"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"

A Night Behind Bars at Shrewsbury Prison

Everything you need to know.....

       When are tickets available?

o    Tickets will be available 31st January.

·         How much are tickets?

o    Tickets for this event are £45 p/p.

·         How do I purchase tickets?

o    Tickets can be bought online from www.imevents.global

o    Phone bookings are also available, on 01743 343100 ext 1. Lines are open 7 days a week from 10am.

·         How many tickets are available?

o    There will be a total of 100 tickets available for each of these events.

·         What happens if you sell out?

o    There are currently 5 dates available, they are: 7th April, 26th May, 23rd June, 21st July and 8th September.  If we sell out, we will look to add more dates later in the year.

·         Is there food?

o    Food will available to buy from the kitchen until 11pm and porridge will be available to purchase in the morning.

o    There will be hot drinks available; tea, coffee and hot chocolate; there is also a bar which sells a variety of beverages throughout the evening.

·         Is there a group discount?

o    We don’t offer group discounts for this event, however, you can contact our Admin Team   on info@imevents.global to arrange a private booking!

·         Is there a minimum age?

o    Yes, and it is 18. This is an adult only event, due to the length of time you will be here.

·         What time do I need to arrive?

o    Doors open at 20:00.

·         What time does the event start?

o    The event starts as soon as you arrive!

·         How long is the event?

o    The event will be roughly 12hrs long. You should arrive for 20:00 at which time you can find a cell and set up your home for the night. Your wakeup call will be 6am and you will leave the next morning at 08:00.

·         Can I leave part way through?

o    Yes, of course! If for whatever reason you need to leave, you can either say the Safe Word, which is ‘OXO’, or inform the landing officers of any emergencies that you have outside of the prison. The officers will sign you out, and release you from your stay.

·         Can I smoke during the event?

o    There will be designated smoking areas outside. You will NOT be allowed to smoke inside the prison, and that includes the cells!

·         Can I be in the cell with my friends?

o    Of course! We will, however, limit the cells to a maximum of 3 people total, to ensure safety.

·         Can I be in the cell with my partner?

o    Yes! Of course.

·         Will I be in a cell with a stranger?

o    No! We will only put you in cells where you are alone, with friends, or with a partner. We will patrol the landings throughout the night to ensure people are not going into cells that are not their own.

·         Do we have to go on the Night Walk?

o    You do not have to, but please make us aware at the beginning of the evening so we can make sure you are always on a manned landing.

·         Do you provide sleeping equipment?

o    We provide a cold floor, and a metal bed frame. You need to bring whatever you need to make it comfortable.

·         Can we use the bed frame?

o    Of course! Be aware they are single sleeping bed frames, and will need to have sleeping equipment put onto it to make it habitable.

·         Can we use the toilets and sinks in the cells?

o    You cannot use the toilets and sinks in your own cell, however, there are toilets on site that you can use whenever needed.

·         Are the prison officers real?

o    Some of our ex-prison officers will be patrolling the landings, but some of the ‘officers’ will be actors and staff from both Immersive Events and Jailhouse Tours. They are all there to keep you everyone safe, and to make sure there are plenty of individuals available should you need help for whatever reason.

·         Will I be strip searched?

o    No, you will not be searched. We will not be taking anything from you, unless we see anything dangerous or illegal when you are settling into the cells.

·         Can I keep my mobile with me?

o    Of course! We fully endorse the use of social media during your stay! #Cellfies are always loved, especially when you check-in at HMP Shrewsbury.

·         Can I take photos?

o    Of course! #Cellfies and general photos of the wing are always welcome, and we’d love to see them when you check-in at HMP Shrewsbury.

·         Do I have to wear the prison uniforms?

o    No, but wrap up warm! Or at least bring layers, so you can remove them if you are warm. Prison is not warm!

·         I’m in a wheelchair/mobility limited. Can I still take part?

o    We are unable to use the lowest levels of the prison currently for events, and as such, if you are able to get up one flight of stairs with your limited mobility, we are happy to allow you to take part (we understand you may not wish to take part in the Night Walk!).

o    If you are in a wheelchair, we are afraid you won’t be able to take part in the event. The site is not DDA compliant and all of the cells being used are on 2s, 3s, and 4s. We don’t have a working stair lift or disabled lift on the site.

·         Is the event safe?

o    Yes, we have staff on site at all times and they are all fully trained in the health & safety of both the event and site.

·         How long will I be in the cell?

o    You will be in the cell for a maximum of 12hrs, if you chose not to go on the Night Walk, but there is free association with games on the landings until Lights Out that you can chose to participate in.

·         Will I be locked in the cell?

o    No. At no point will anyone be locked into a cell. Some doors CAN stick, but you will never be locked in from the outside. If you find your door sticks, and you struggle to open it again, all you need to do is press your Attention Button.

·         Will there be future dates for this event?

o    If the first event sells quickly and more people want tickets, we will add more events later in the year.

·         What if I feel sick during the event?

o    If at any stage you feel sick during the event, please inform a member of staff, and we will help you. If you just need some time outside, that is fine, if you think it will mean you can continue the event. If, however, you feel you must leave, simply let us know, or use the Safe Word, and we will get you packed up and allow you out of the site.