Games Behind Bars - Family Fun Day

Ever imagined what it would be like to play a huge game of Tag? Thought about playing hide and seek in a prison or rekindle your youth with a giant game of 40/40? Challenge events do just that.


Our 3 hour long challenge events let you play your favourite childhood games in the craziest of settings, a prison. Imagine what it will be like to play a game of hide and seek around a prison site, darting in and out of cells, hiding in the laundry room, lying low in solitary confinement or concealing yourself in the governor’s office.


Each event will include at least 3 different games each lasting up to an hour, ensuring you get plenty of time to chase and be chased. Perfect for adults and children these truly are events for the whole family to experience.


Games Behind Bars will run on May 30th at The Dana Prison, Shrewsbury. An event exclusively for families it is a great opportunity for parents to play some old childhood games with their children.  Join the event lisiting on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest information.