What to do for Halloween

Halloween, a night with roots in pagan tradition was traditionally a time to remember those who had died, a Memorial Day to contemplate and remember the deceased. We all recognise the now traditional Jack O’Lanterns, witches, steaming cauldrons, goblins, ghosts, black cats, bats and skeletons which invoke thoughts and feelings of unseen forces and the spectra of the unknown. These were once very real concerns when nearly everyone believed in witches and unseen forces; now, whether you ‘celebrate’ Halloween or not there is something magical about the ‘spooky day’. Surrounded by mystery, horror, scare and trick-or-treating for kids and adults alike there are many ways to ‘do’ Halloween.

This year we have two fantastic scare events running - Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park in Shropshire and The Street in Somerset. Today we're going to look at Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park (#SPSP).

Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park is the only Scream Park in Shropshire it is a fully immersive scare, horror and action event; bringing you 6 spine tingling, hair raising, scare mazes:

1- House No7

The family in house number 7 will educate you in their way of righteousness and rid Shrewsbury of its evil.

2- Jamboree Encore

Jamboree invites you to the greatest show in Shropshire. You will die with laughter.

3- The Cell

In a world where the justice system failed, private prisons stepped into place. With no rights, no visits and no way out will you survive the cell.

4- Phantom Finders

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a spook, spectre or poltergeist? Join the phantom finders on a paranormal investigation of the Dana motel.

5- Experimental Can’t sleep? Do nightmares keep you up every night? Orem laboratories can help with the nightmares so join the experimental program and sleep well.

6- Shrewsbury Town Meat Market

Supplying Shropshire with the finest meat products Shrewsbury meat market is a CUT above the rest, SLASHING prices of your everyday meat. Come tour our meat factory and see the butchers at the GRIND stone.

What is a scare maze we hear you ask, well a scare maze is a walk-through event; usually in the dark with actors entertaining you with a storyline or hiding ready to make you jump, building the suspense and adrenaline as you immerse yourself into the story of the maze. Be prepared to jump, scream and laugh!

We have produced some of the best immersive event experiences in the country, from Prison Break and Interactive History days to Halloween scares (winners of the SCAR award, Best Zombie Experience Event 2017) Shrewsbury Prison Scream Park promises to be one of the best ways to ‘do’ Halloween this year. Suitable for everyone from 12years plus (12-16 year olds need to be accompanied by a ticket paying adult) this is something you can do with your family and tickets are just £20! Book tickets at www.imevents.global/spsptickets

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