"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"




Everything you need to know....

1.         What is Prison Break?

a.         Prison Break is an immersive event, competition and challenge game rolled into one. The aim is to be the first to escape the prison. Note everybody will escape, sometimes nobody makes it out.

2.         Do I need to be a character or have a back story?

a.         You don’t need to, but ultimately, it’s an IMMERISVE event, the more you put in the more you get out. If you wish to create your own character or back story prior to arrival our team will be happy to accommodate this.

3.         How much are tickets?

a.         Tickets are £45pp

4.         How do I purchase tickets?

a.         Tickets can be bought via our website or over the phone

5.         What is the event capacity?

a.         There will be 60 tickets available per event

6.         Is there food available during the event?

a.         Both the bar and cafes are open during the event, but its unlikely you will have enough time to visit during the escape. We would recommend visiting our café before or after the event.

7.         Is there a group discount?

a.         Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more people, for group discounts please contact the admin team on info@imevents.global

8.         Is there a minimum age?

a.         Yes, the minimum age is 12 years old, but you must be accompanied by a responsible adult (18+) who is a full paying ticket holder, who you will be partnered with for the duration of the event.

9.         What time do I need to arrive?

a.         We ask you arrive 10 minutes before your start time.

10.       What time does the event start?

a.         There are 2 events running each day, the first event starts at 10am and the second event starts at 2pm. Each event last 3 hours. A short debrief takes place after the vent and you have the opportunity to take photos with the actors.

11.       Can I leave partway through?

a.         You may leave at any point during the event, simply speak to a member of the team who will be able to take you out of the event. Once you have left you will not be able to re-enter the event.

12.       Can I smoke during the event?

a.         No, the prison is a no smoking site

13.       Are the prison officers real?

a.         There are a number of ex-prison officers who are part of the event, in addition to this we have a number of support staff, actors and event staff to help throughout the day.

14.       Will I be strip searched?

a.         No, but you will be issued with prison overalls and a prison number upon entering the prison.

15.       Can I keep my mobile with me?

a.         Yes, you can keep your mobile, money, jewellery and other personal property, with you. You won’t be allowed bags or rucksacks, only what you can fit into your pockets.

16.       Can I take photos?

a.         Yes, you can take photos, cellfies and videos during the event. These can be posted to social media using #prisonbreak #eday

17.       Do I have to wear prison uniform?

a.         Yes, every prisoner will be issued with a prison overall, this can be worn over your clothes and must be worn throughout the event.

18.       Can I wear fancy dress?

a.         You can, but it may be hidden under your overall, or we may request you wear it over the top

19.       Who will I be in a cell with?

a.         You will be allocated a cell mate on the day, you may be put into cells with friends, family or other people who are part of your group.  There will be a maximum of four people per cell.

20.       I’m in a wheelchair can I still take part?

a.         I’m afraid you won’t be able to take part in the event. The site is not DDA compliant and all of the cells being used are on the upper levels and we don’t have a working stair lift or disabled lift on the site.

21.       How long will I be in a cell?

a.         That very much depends on you. Everybody will be locked in a cell at the beginning of the event. The average cell time is 45 minutes. Some people escape after 30 minutes some take an hour.

22.       Is there a safe word?

a.         Yes we have a safe word, which is ‘OXO’

23.       What if I say the safe word as a joke?

a.         The safe word is there for emergencies only, if you use it at any point during the event our staff will take it seriously and remove you to ensure everything is ok. It’s like saying Bomb on a plane (don’t joke about it).

24.       What if I feel sick during the event?

a.         Let a member of staff know who will be able to assist you.

25.       Are there toilets?

a.         Yes, there are toilets in the prison, the toilets in the cells DO NOT WORK.

26.       Are there rules for the event?

a.     Yes, there are a number of rules in place for safety and enjoyment of all participants. Please see our rules below.

Event Rules

  • If your prison number is called, STOP, you have effectively been caught or are about to be questioned. The officers must be listened to.

  • You will be issued with prison overalls at the start of the event, these must be returned at the end of the event. Any overalls not returned will be charged for.

  • Nobody under the influence of Drugs or alcohol will be allowed to take part. If we suspect, you are under the influence you will be removed from the event.

  • There is no fighting, violence or aggression policy towards our staff, characters or other participants. Any body found doing this will be removed from the event.

  • The Prison Break is an immersive event, competition and challenge game rolled into one. The aim is to be the first to escape the prison. Ultimately, we want everybody to have fun and respect the event and other contestants.