How many times have you watched ‘Prison Break’? or even ‘Shawshank Redemption’? - You’ve probably already planned inside your head your own escape plan! Well thanks to the awesome team at ‘Immersive Events’ now’s your chance to put those plans to the test!


We’re not talking about any ‘old’ Escape Room, we’re talking about a REAL, fully working, operational JAIL.


What’s more is our Jails not only come with CELL’S, they’re also bursting with other prisoners and officers too! So, your search for the ULTIMATE ‘escape room’ is over, look no further, because Immersive Events hosts the world’s ONLY ‘Prison Break’ game!


The Lowdown

  • Upon arrival you will processed as a prisoner, issued a prisoner number and uniform (Orange Jumpsuit).

  • From there you will be allocated a cell where you have 3 hours to escape and make your way onto the wing landing.

  • You’ll then need to work out your escape route past the officers on the wing and through the gates to FREEDOM.

  • Your guide to freedom with helpful clues and maps will be in your cell when you are locked up.

Sounds Easy?

Not so fast! You’ll have to successfully solve and complete a range of puzzles in the hope that you can make a rendezvous’ with your contact, all the while with the prison retrieval team hot on your heels. But watch out! One false move, one mistake and you could be ‘BANGED’ up in segregation.

Is This for Real?

Sure, it is! The event is packed full of challenges, puzzles, clues and interaction with ACTORS! – Only the daring and courageous need sign up!


This event has a minimum age of 16 years, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a ticket holding responsible adult at all times, tickets are £45pp.

We also have "Combo Tickets" available here, these include Prison Break PLUS Porridge at HMP Shrewsbury (an overnight sleep-over event), these tickets will be £80. Porridge at HMP Shrewsbury is an 18yrs+ event so 'Combo' tickets will only be available to those who are 18+ years.

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