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Easter has never looked so exciting!

Easter has never looked so exciting!


The Workshop, Somerset - Home of Immersive Entertainment

Learn to become a hero this summer with Immersive Events!

Battle with pirates, walk like a zombie, become a circus ring master!

Immersive Events Ltd are proud to invite children from the ages of 8-13 to take part in our 'Summer Activity Days' learning immersive performance, film and prop making skills at The Workshop - Shepton Mallet, Home of Immersive Entertainment!


These incredible immersive experience days provide young students with valuable inspiration, confidence and above all else social engagement. Is all about escaping reality into other worlds full of imagination and characterisation. Each activity is designed with the age range 8-13 in mind and will have them battling pirates, building zombie masks and joining the circus all in a fun packed day!


Here's what we have lined up on the day.

Activity A - A Pirates Life For Me!
Our incredible immersive pirate attraction is the home for this performance skills lesson, take to the open seas as students learn skills such as public speaking, song singing and swash buckling! They'll have a "whale" of a time!

Activity B - Zombie Time!

Each student will learn SFX makeup skills! We'll have everything they'll need to make a spooky zombie mask ready to scare mum and dad before bed! Not only that, they'll get to take part in a cool photoshoot once the masks are complete!


We'll have our tuc shop open for students snacks but we'd recommend packing a tasty lunch!

Activity C - Turf Wars Puzzle Game!

The Turf Wars grid will be the students playground as they team up to solve the mystery of the missing viking artefact! A game to use those puzzles solving skills!

Activity D - The Greatest Showman

Step right up ring masters! Learn to juggle, hula hoop, sing and dance from professional circus performers!

All these activities, one incredible days, many fantastic memories. Sign your immersive student up today, limited tickets!

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