The Cell

The story so far…..

After being sentenced to 12 years by the judge for armed robbery, you're pulled into see the governor. He knows you were part of the robbery, but not the mastermind. Deciding to give you one last chance he has agreed to commute your sentence, if you give up the mastermind of the heist.


Cuffed and placed into your cell with the rest of your gang, the governor has given you 60 minutes to give up the mastermind and walk out to freedom or miss the deadline and spend the next 12 years behind bars.


You have, 1 hour, 1 chance and 1 name to make it out.

Participants will:


  • Have personal belongings taken for the duration of the event

  • Wear prison jumpsuits (please wear something comfortable you can move in and sensible shoes)

  • Get handcuffed, placed into a prison cell

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your start time

  • Have a brilliant time being IMMERSED into this one of a kind event, where you get to do the time without committing the crime.


Our locations:

The Cell operates at,

  • Shrewsbury Prison, Shropshire, SY1 2HR

  • Shepton Mallet Prison, Somerset, BA4 5LU

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