"Welcome to the dark and twisted little patch, that is the mind of Immersive Events"

The Hole

immersive events escape
immersive events the hole

The story so far…..

Sentenced to life in prison, your cell is tossed by the officers and drugs are found.


Cuffed and hooded you are taken to solitary confinement, a specially designed unit built to hold the dregs of society. Located in the deepest, darkest cell available, known only as ‘The Hole’.


You will serve the rest of your life sentence here, unless, within the narrow window of 60 minutes, when the officers break for lunch, you can find a way out and escape.


You have, 1 hour, 1 chance, no lights and no help

Participants will:


  • Have personal belongings taken for the duration of the event

  • Wear prison jumpsuits (please wear something comfortable you can move in and sensible shoes)

  • Get handcuffed, hooded and placed into dark cells

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your start time

  • Have a brilliant time being IMMERSED into this one of a kind event, where you play the part of the prisoner.


Our locations:

The Hole operates at,

  • Shrewsbury Prison, Shropshire, SY1 2HR

  • Shepton Mallet Prison, Somerset, BA4 5LU