Due to popular demand, Somerset's Ultimate Scare Maze is returning to Shepton Mallet Prison this Christmas!

During the height of the cold war, the Soviet Union developed a new chemical weapon to use against America. This was released on a small community after intelligence suggested there was a secret government facility operating in the area. The chemical mutated into the ‘Nex infection’ and it was quickly contained to the local area. Residents tried to flee but it was too late. Will you contract the infection? Will you make it out alive? Does the government facility have the cure?


See if you can escape the infection by walking the ‘The Street’, then join Santa is in GROTto as he prepares for Christmas; all for just £10! 


If you’re not brave enough to join any of our immersive activities then why not visit our onsite fully licensed bar, what’s more, that’s FREE entry!!


Our gates open at 7pm and lockdown is 11pm. This 12+ event, will be an event to remember, if you’re 12-16 years of age then you must be accompanied by an appropriate adult over 18. There is more information in our FAQs.


If you’re brave enough to enter The Street, book your tickets now.

The Street, at Shepton Mallet Prison, is running on: 21st and 22nd December.

Join the event page on Facebook for 'The Street'.

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