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Easter has never looked so exciting!

Easter has never looked so exciting!


Turf Wars
An Immersive Escape Experience

Ever tried an escape room before? Well, Turf Wars takes escape rooms to the next level.

Normal escape rooms place you in a single room, but with ‘Turf Wars’ you, the challengers, are placed on a ‘Grid’, an entire floor with multiple rooms and routes throughout.

You will have sixty minutes to complete the Stations (our state-of-the-art puzzles), take control of the Grid and win the Turf War.

But, you won’t be alone…you will be competing against the ‘Hunter’, whose job is to stop you completing the Stations and taking control. Hunters may be fast, slow, big, small, creepy, loud or quiet. Whichever Hunter you’re up against, you won’t want to come face-to-face with them!

Perfect for team building, parties or just a weekend activity, Turf Wars runs Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year at The Workshop, next door to Shepton Mallet Prison.

Interested in a private party? Why not drop our bookings team an email through our contact page.

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