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Twisted Fairytales

Enter a twisted fairytale world.

Are you sick of Christmas jollity, images of cute reindeer, smiling Santas and wholesome, happy families enjoying festive bliss?

If that’s the case then the Twisted Fairytales being staged at the former Dana jail could be just the antidote.  The show is the latest offering from Immersive Events, in which the audience enters a world of fairytales - but not as we know them.

Do not expect a comfy theatre seat and a cheery singsong. With a grim backdrop of a Victorian jail, fairytale icons have become weird and warped. Well loved tales have taken unexpected turns into a dark world where all is not what it seems; the result is a show that is totally terrifying, brilliantly clever and hilariously funny.


Goldilocks, alas, is dead - mauled by three bears; incarcerated, Hansel and Gretel have grown demented, the Mad Hatter is dishing out drugs and it’s a free-for-all; Red Riding Hood has turned to the oldest profession in the world; the Pied Piper’s loathing of children has grown so great she has resorted to extreme measures; and Snow White’s appearance on Jeremy Vile reveals she is far from pure. The show concludes in Santa’s wasteland where the jolly fella has personal issues by the sackful and not ones you’d want him to share with your children.

The night is full of suspense and would have you on the edge of your seat – if you were sitting down; that is, this is a performance that has you walking from gloomy set to gloomy set, not quite knowing what lies in store.  The audience are not passive watchers. There is a good deal of interactions with members of the cast, so it’s a good idea to leave your shy side at the door and embrace this new dark world within the Dana walls.

The show captures a mood similar to that evoked by Banksey’s Dismaland, the pop-up exhibition set up last year in Weston-Super-Mare and dubbed the ‘family theme park not suited for children’.

Twisted Fairytales is certainly not one to take the kids having a strict overs-18 policy.