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What a lucky bunny you are.

You've been invited to a VIP night of fun & fantasy.

You've ended up here, so you must be somebody very important! 


Let's start with a brief introduction!

Immersive Events Ltd are an award winning immersive experience agency. We're hosting a unique VIP evening packed with quality immersive entertainment and we'd love you to join us!


Next door to the famous Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset lies our HQ "The Workshop". The UK's only venue dedicated to the most innovative immersive theatre attractions.

The event evening is planned for:-


Thursday 7th April 2022, bar opens at 6pm, experiences start at 7.30. The experiences will last approximately two hours in total.


Here is what we have in store!


Three Immersive Attractions

An innovate venue found no place else.

Experience 1 - 'Zombie Town'
From the award winning Zombie Infection comes an exciting LIVE action undead experience. An old film set on the ground floor of the Workshop building has been transformed into an Easter egg hunt with a real bite! You'll be briefed and tasked with making your way through to safety without becoming infected yourself! This attraction will not only feature LIVE actors in full SFX make up, but we'll also be giving you the opportunity to increase your chances of survival by grabbing a weapon for
your mission!

Experience 2 - 'Turf Wars' (featured above)
Every tried an escape room before? Well Turf Wars takes escape rooms to a whole new level! You'll have 30 minutes to find and solve 4 puzzle crates located across an entire floor of the workshop building. The twist? You'll be hunted by a blood drenched, teeth sharpened Easter Bunny whilst you try to do so! This experience is an adrenaline fuelled, exciting and nail biting concept. It's pure entertainment and fun for all ages.

Experience 3 - 'Locked in a Box'
It's time to take you across the ocean to haunted shores as you smuggle important treasure for Captain Flynn. With only 6 wooden walls to protect you from the creatures hell bent on steeling the jewels, only the very brave will attempt the challenge. Locked in a box places guests in a uniquely design immersive crate. Large enough to lie down flat or sit up, each crate has been purposely built to engage with all of your senses, light, sound, touch, smell and taste. This experience is super fun with talented live actors, detailed immersion and fantastical story telling.

But first grab yourself a complimentary cocktail!

We wouldn't ask you to take part without a drink or two before and after! So why not hit our "Bite Bar" with your complimentary drinks token? Here you'll have a chance to not only grab your breath back but relax with a themed cocktail or two, chat with our cast and crew and grab that all important selfie with our Easter themed zombies!

Its going to be a fantastic evening and we'd love to see you there.


Below is a contact form. If you would like to accept the invitation please complete this. We'll then send out your confirmation.

As this is an exclusive VIP event we'd ask that if you can not attend you let us know so that we can offer the place to others.

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